About Us

Gjirafa, Inc., is a US corporation, a video content platform and production studio, and a market leading E-commerce company; leads a variety of offline to online Internet consumer services in Balkans and Albanian Diaspora. It is the fastest growing Internet Services company in the Balkans and one of the most well-funded VC startups, from globally reputable investors, in Europe. Gjirafa has been ranked #11 on Deloitte Technology Fast 50 growing Central Europe tech companies and implied #1 in the Balkan region with over 1,500% growth in the last four years.
Our vision is to build and facilitate the Internet Economy in the Balkans, by focusing one core Internet services that lack in the region for a market of around 12 million people.

Products, is the first product launched by Gjirafa, Inc. The Albanian search engine, accompanied by News Aggregator and news search, classified ads, bus schedules data, and weather data. Gjirafa has over 200 million Albanian pages indexed, and aggregates news from Balkans on minute by minute basis.

GjirafaPikBiz containts a business directory of around 80,000 businesses and interest points in Kosovo and Albania; data collected physically in the field, where for over 90% of businesses this is their first time being present online. Maps and navigation is built on top of open street map, while Street View (covering around 90% of Kosovo, while Albania coverage is in process) is build in house, with Gjirafa Cameras and Cars. GjirafaPikBiz has built a transactional system on top of business directory - allowing users for instance to book a hotel, rent a car, or communicate directly with a business about offers or business reviews.

Gjirafa50 is the largest ecommerce store in Kosovo, Albania and the region, for technological products, with over 60.000 products from the world’s most known brands. All the products of Gjirafa50 are original, and come with a warranty directly from the producer. Meanwhile, for all of the orders made, free transport is provided to Gjirafa50’s customers, throughout all of Kosovo.

GjirafaMall is the largest ecommerce store in Kosovo, with over 140.000 products from different categories. Clothes, books, cosmetics, household, food and drinks, are just some of the product categories that GjirafaMall offers. All the orders placed at GjirafaMall, are delivered at your address, throughout all of Kosovo.

gjirafaVideo a video streaming platform, with exclusive content support by GjirafaStudio, regional producers and filmmakers, and local media/tv channels. gjirafaVideo is getting closer to changes in user behavior to consume content on demand, while moving away from traditional TV consumption.

GjirafaAdNetwork is an online marketing platform covering DSP, SSP, and DMP. Covers the client side for highly specialized targeting, and is used by just about all major publishers in Kosovo and Albania (currently around 60 local web portals). The strength of Gjirafa AdNetwork is that it specialized in Albanian language processing, where some of the methodology is published in international peer reviewed journals.

Gjirafa Lab is a startup factory, made for Internet entrepreneurs who lack access to resources and market. As a startup factory, the Lab will provide the space, mentoring, networking, technology, talent visibility, and funding to competent Internet entrepreneurs, creating solutions for the Kosovo, Albania, and FYR Macedonia market. Unlike others, Gjirafa Lab is made of people who have done it before.

Our Partners


Gjirafa Raises a $6.7M Series B from Rockaway Capital to digitise the Balkans

" Gjirafa, Inc., is the fastest-growing company in the region, and the growth is impressive at 314 percent CAGR"

Kosovo’s long, slow recovery

"It has prospered by filling niches deemed too small to bother with by the world's internet giants."

Search Startup Gjirafa Scores $2M To Bring Albania Online

"You’d be forgiven for thinking that Google has search all sewn up, but that’s not necessarily the case in Albanian-speaking countries"

Internet Economic Development Partnership

"The end goal is to successfully launch these new ideas/products and to grow employment, investment, and revenue in the region’s internet economy."

Kosovo is open for business!

"Most striking was their complete commitment to their homeland"

Albanian Search Startup Gets $2 Million in Largest Ever Tech Investment in Albanian Region

"This investment is more than just a bet on the explosive growth potential of the Balkans’ internet economy"

Mergim Cahani

"Gjirafa is working to build the Internet Economy and bring state of the art e-commerce solutions to emerging markets"

Meet the 2014 Founders: Gjirafa, Albania/Kosovo’s answer to Google

"Based on our web mining data, the Albanian web is still in the early stages of development, but it has doubled in the past year and it is continuing its growth rapidly."


Mergim Cahani

Founder & CEO

Ercan Canhasi

Co-Founder & CTO

Diogjen Elshani

Co-Founder & COO

Edi Demaj

Partner USA

Shqipron Sezallari

Head of Product Development

Drilon Kastrati

Principal Software Architect

Festim Cahani

Product Manager

Agon Daku

Lead Software Engineer

Debatik Hoxha

Head of Business Development

Nuridin Selimko

Senior Mobile Developer

Gazmend Kepuska

Software Engineer II

Doresa Rexha

Head of Gjirafa Video

Brikena Rexhaj

Head of Gjirafa50 and GjirafaMall

Arita Thaqi

Graphic Designer

Hakan Shehu

Lead Software Engineer

Sherif Gjini

Front End Developer

Blend Halilaj

Lead Software Engineer

Vjosa Daku

Operations Manager

Abdullah Veliu

Project Coordinator

Romana Safedini

Senior Office Administrator

Riad Asllani

Lead Software Engineer

Nik Raja

Software Engineer

Shqiponje Zogaj

Quality Assurance

Blerton Krasniqi

Operations Manager

Greta Kamberi

Lead of Talent Recruitment & Retention

Dren Shabani

Head of Business Intelligence

Gentiana Sahiti

Lead Operations (e-commerce)

Abetare Rexha

Lead Customer Support (e-commerce)

Labeat Fejza

Senior Business Analyst

Blerta Lataj

Partner Development

Trashegim Mavraj

Social Media Manager

Molos Morina

Product Coordinator

Arta Kepuska

Lead Content (e-commerce)

Dardan Kastrati

Lead Graphic Designer

Fiona Pepiqi

Senior Business Analyst

Meridian Miftari

Penetrator Tester

Tahir Rashiti

Senior Fulfillment Courier

Ermir Hoxha

Partner Development

Rinor Gashi

Client Success Analyst

Adele Gjoka

Production Manager

Arbnora Gashi

Content Associate (e-commerce)

Ihsibi Osmonaj

Android App Developer

Festim Kajtazi

Collections Associate

Shpetim Hajrullahu

Senior Warehouse Specialist

Latif Gerguri

Fulfillment Courier

Naxhije Beka

Internal Accountant

Gentiana Gubetini

Internal Accountant

Valma Latifi

Customer Support Assistant (e-commerce)

Yll Bytyqi

Software Engineer

Albion Krasniqi

Lead Business Intelligence Analyst

Urim Haxhiu

Android Developer

Myhedin Zika

Software Developer

Taulant Shatri

Software Developer

Frederik Berisha

Graphic Designer

Kushtrim Spahiu

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Fitim Bytyqi

IT Technician and Warehouse Assistant

Lavdrim Reçica

Junior Talent Recruiter

Festa Stublla Konushevci

Operations Associate (e-commerce)

Erblina Zeqiri

Business Intelligence Analyst

Lindita Ibrahimi

Client Success Analyst

Lekë Sadiku

Business Analyst

Rinor Shpejti

Performance Marketing Associate

Rilind Halitjaha

Warehouse Assistant

Albert Zariqi

Software Developer

Edin Mehmeti

Software Developer

Lina Mahmuti

Quality Assurance

Andi Sanaja

Warehouse Assistant

Our Lucky

Chief Happines Officer

Genc Berisha

Film Director

Arlind Abdyli

Motion Graphics Designer

Patrik Lekaj

Content Coordinator

Mendim Arifaj

Front-End Developer

Kreshnik Shala

Post Production Lead

Edon Halitjaha

Production Assistant

Monika Bunjaku

Business Intelligence Apprentice

Valter Lucaj

Executive Producer/ Film Director

Bled Rexhepi

Junior Product Analyst

Jeton Haziri

Product Support Operations

Frasher Hashimi

Production Associate

Ardian Thaçi

Lead of Gjirafa Agency and Communications

Dritëro Avdijaj

Front-End Developer

Driton Ademi

Camera Technician and Gaffer

Albiana Bajrami

Content Assistant (e-commerce)

Muhamed Zeqiri

Junior Software Developer

Gezim Berisha

Lead Sound Engineer

Brikena Emrullahu

Showroom and Sales Associate

Atdhe Hoda


Fis Cahani

First Assistant Director

Leart Aliu

Social Media Apprentice

Arber Basha

Junior iOS Developer

Gramos Sfishta

Customer Support Assistant (e-commerce)

Haxhi Çelaj

Software Engineer

Albanit Berisha

Junior Software Developer

Bilbil Isma

Software Engineer

Muhamet Kaçandolli

Junior Quality Assurance Automation

Albin Idrizaj

Software Developer

Visar Buza

JavaScript Developer

Ardit Baloku

Software Developer

Dorina Osmani

Graphic Designer

Vjosa Qerimi

Customer Support Assistant (e-commerce)

Elvali Toprlak

Internal Accountant

Naime Sylejmani

Internal Accountant

Egzon Hamiti

Warehouse and Fulfillment Assistant

Besnik Musliu

Sound Intern

Leona Kryeziu

Costume Designer Intern

Bahtije Krasniqi

Costume Designer and Set Design

Dafina Kastrati

Business Development Apprentice

Adonis Hajdari

IT Technician

Majlinda Misimi

Business Analyst Apprentice

Lavdrim Morina

Customer Support Apprentice (e-commerce)

Pegmatit Bruçi

Customer Support Assistant (e-commerce)

Vlera Kupa

Business Development Apprentice

Krenar Berisha

Social Media Apprentice

Sara Musliu

Brand Marketing Associate

Agnesa Grashtica

E-Commerce Apprentice

Leart Hondozi

Showroom and Sales Associate

Pëllumb Hasani

Senior Software Engineer

Ylber Verbaj

Software Developer Apprentice

Kolos Pukaj

Software Engineer

Gabriela Gjeraj

Partner Development Apprentice

Arbnor Rashiti


Brikena Meha

Product Owner

Shpat Gashi

Software Engineer

Arlind Krasniqi

Software Engineer

Herolind Sejdiu

Software Engineer

Ida Spahiu

Quality Assurance Apprentice

Eduard Haxhaj

Software Developer Apprentice

Albion Berisha

Junior Software Developer

Abetare Arifi

Operations Assistant Apprentice (E-Commerce)

Samin Emini

Product Owner Associate

Arian Limani

Software Developer Intern

Blerina Fejza

Software Developer Intern

Blerta Jashari

Software Developer Intern

Jetmir Veselaj

Software Developer Intern

Diellza Gllareva

Quality Assurance Apprentice

Board Advisors

Esther Dyson

Torsten Suel, PhD

Jay Nathan, PhD

Cedric Maloux


Gjirafa, Inc.,-Dega ne Kosove

Address: Magjistralja Prishtine - Ferizaj, km i 6-te

Tel: +383 (0) 44 991 206

e-mail: [email protected]

Gjirafa Shqiperi SHPK

Address: Tirana Business Park, Rruga Rinas, Tiranë, Albania

Tel: +383 (0) 44 991 206

e-mail: [email protected]